Tiny Docs: Live from Special Olympics

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Featured Athletes

Kids’ health startup Tiny Docs recently produced this short animated video celebrating Special Olympics athletes who are working hard to be the best they can be. Focusing on physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, Live from Special Olympics was inspired and co-written by Washington Township athlete Nicholas Herran — a 2019 graduate of the Indiana Partners in Policymaking Academy — and is centered around the wide variety of ways that people can stay healthy and active.

Live from Special Olympics Episode Summary:

Dr. Patches and Nurse Scrubs deliver a special edition of Tiny Docs News with the meerkats reporting live from Special Olympics Indiana’s Summer Games on some of the world’s greatest athletes!

Cut to the pool. Swimmer Nick Herran finishes in first place and raises his arms in victory as the crowd cheers. Then he takes off his goggles and grabs his white vision cane. Tam asks the gold medalist how he was able to improve upon his third-place finish last year. Nick replies that the key was being a lot more active: “Once it became a habit, the exercise made me feel so much better and healthier all around. I even sleep better and want to eat healthier food! Anybody can stay active!”

Cut to the basketball court. Tim, wearing a Craig-Sager-style blazer and tie, interviews Alex after she hit a last-second shot to win the game for her team. Amid the celebrations, Alex shares that she and her teammates improved their fitness this year by making an exercise plan and holding each other accountable. It was important to make it fun, so they danced to music and even played other sports, like unified fitness walking groups, bowling, and Zumba.

Cut to the track. A star-struck Tom interviews one of his sports heroes: Taylor, a Special Olympics athlete with Down Syndrome. Taylor recognizes Tom and it turns out he is a big fan of Tom’s reporting. “I’m doing five events this year, but I didn’t start that way,” Taylor observes. “A few years ago, I was kind of a couch potato, but I talked to my doctor and we came up with a program that started me off slowly but surely.” Taylor takes off for his next race at the end of the interview, while Tom is still in awe that his favorite athlete knew who he was.

SPECIAL NOTE: The three athletes being interviewed in this episode are all based on real Special Olympics Indiana athletes. The real Nick, Alex, and Taylor even recorded the voice-overs for their characters!

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