Jeff Mohler, President & CEO

Kevin Aders, Regional Manager, Central Indiana

Nathan Barnes, Manager of Grants & Communication

Lindsay Blythe, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Julie Burkholder, Regional Manager, Eastern Indiana

Tori Cox, Manager of UCS Middle School Programs

Janet Davies, Database Manager

Cathy Elzinga, Associate Director of Sports

Scott Furnish, Vice President of Development & COO

Itzel Graber, Manager of Health & Fitness

Michael Hasch, Director of Unified Champion Schools Programs

Jodi Houghton, Office Services Coordinator

Karen Kennelly, Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Kozlowski, Manager of Sports Programs

Buzz Lail, Director of Programs

Lee Lonzo, Champions Together Consultant

Stephanie Manner, Director of Special Events

Mary McClamroch, Office Assistant

Scott Mingle, Director of Sports & Competition

Tracy Mortensen, Associate Director of Development

Kelly Ries, Director of Donor Engagement

Maureen Rumer, Accounting Coordinator

Danielle Smith, Manager of Community Partnerships (LETR)

Francie Smith, Regional Manager, Southern Indiana