Jeff Mohler, President & CEO

Kevin Aders, Manager of Volunteer Services

Nathan Barnes, Manager of Grants & Communication

Mark Booth, Director of Unified Champion Schools

Julie Burkholder, Regional Manager, Northeast

Janet Davies, Database Manager

Cathy Elzinga, Sports, Associate Director

Scott Furnish, Senior Director of Development & COO

Michael Hasch, Director of Programs

Jodi Houghton, Office Services Coordinator

Abbie Ivaldi, Manager of Health & Fitness

Karen Kennelly, Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Kozlowski, Manager of Sports & Competition

Buzz Lail, Regional Manager, Northwest

Lee Lonzo, Director of Champions Together

Stephanie Manner, Manager of Community Partnerships

Mary McClamroch, Office Assistant

Scott Mingle, Director of Sports & Competition

Tracy Mortensen, Development, Associate Director

Kelly Ries, Director of Advancement

Maureen Rumer, Accounting Coordinator

Francie Smith, Regional Manager, South