Team Indiana

Head of Delegation (HOD)
Jeff Mohler | @CoachJMohler

Assistant Head of Delegation (AHOD)
Scott Furnish@ScottFurnish

Support Staff Roles

  • Athlete Development Coordinator
  • Medical Coordinator
  • Laundry Coordinator
  • Public Relations & Media Coordinator
  • Family Coordinator
  • Equipment Manager

Special Olympics USA Games

The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games will bring 3,500 athletes to the greater Seattle area to compete in a variety of sports, July 1 – 6. Hosted at some of the region’s top athletic facilities—including the University of Washington, King County Aquatics Center and Federal Way’s Celebration Park—USA Games will offer athletes, coaches, and families a week of national competition while surrounded by Seattle’s beauty and world-class attractions. Learn more about the 2018 USA Games.

Team Indiana

For the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, Team Indiana consists of 78 members — see the full roster here. Team Indiana will compete in eight sports (Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Golf, Powerlifting, Softball, Swimming, and Track & Field). The selection process begins with the 2016 Unified Bowling State Tournament and concludes with the 2017 EKS Games (Sept. 10 – 23). No selections will be based on 2018 state championships.

Team Indiana will focus on the team: eight sports, but only one Team Indiana. We will be prepared physically and mentally for competition. Our success is not determined by medals. Our success is determined by becoming the best we can be—striving for maximum potential.

Help the members of Team Indiana reach their goals by making a donation to offset the costs of travel, lodging, meals, and uniforms. Donations can be made to any team member, but all funds raised will be shared by the entire team.

Team Composition

Team Indiana’s composition is outlined HERE and includes female athletes, male athletes, partners, and coaches.

In certain sports (Golf, Swimming, and Track & Field) competitors are placed in categories/levels, which then list the events in those categories/levels. When nominating athletes and partners, be sure those competitors have the ability to compete in the events and/or distances listed for each sport.

In team sports (Basketball and Softball), athletes and partners are limited to 1 event. In individual sports, athletes and partners are limited to three events, with the following exceptions: Golf (1) and Powerlifting (4).

Team Indiana Handbook

For more detailed information on Team Indiana, click HERE to download the Team Indiana Handbook.

The handbook contains membership requirements, nomination and selection process details, training camp dates, and fundraising information. If you have questions or need clarification after reviewing the handbook, contact Jeff Mohler.

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