Athletes Participate in the 2019 NFHS Student Leadership Summit

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Press Room

Forty athletes, 140 National Federation of State High School (NFHS) student ambassadors and 56 adult advisors walked into Plainfield High School yesterday ready to experience a day of Unified Sports®. Split into three groups, the athletes and students rotated from different experiences to work through activities together. The experiences included basketball, relay races, and a trivia activity. 

The basketball station was staffed by Brownsburg Basketball Coaching with head coach Steve Lynch taking the lead. Three on three, knockout, dribble knock out, shooting, layupsand a free throw station filled the gym. The different stations taught the athletes and students techniques to use as a team and individually. 

Each time a new group came through the soccer field gates, they were divided into 6 different teams. Bonds began to form instantly as they learned the names of their teammates. The balloon walk, shoe box challenge, and dress up race revealed new challenges for each of the teams. With each new challenge, they discovered new ways to assist and cheer everyone on. By the end of the relays they weren’t just cheering for their own team, they were cheering for everyone to complete the races. 

During the “Trivia Activity,” the entire group worked together and related back to how the students interact in their own schools. To further these ideas,Champions Together Director Lee Lonzo interviewed athlete and SOIN board member Mitch Bonar about the tough times in school when his fellow students treated him poorly because of his differences. But through his involvement in Unified Sports® and Champions Together, Mitch shared the many ways in which his life has changed for the better.

After the three rotations, athletes and student ambassadors filled the seats of the cafeteria as they munched on pizza for dinner. They danced together and sang songs — including our favorite, “YMCA.” Tired athletes ended their day by not only going through a high-five line and tunnel of NFHS partners to receive backpacks, but returned the favor by creating a high-five line and distributing journals to their new friends and partners.