Special Olympics Indiana athlete Liam Price had the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in Dream Ride Australia 2024.

Along with riding in a 2023 Ferrari, Liam and his father, Jon, got to cook with professional chefs, visit the Sydney Opera House, surf at Bondi Beach and so much more.

Visiting both Sydney and Adelaid, the Prices joined athletes from Ohio, Utah, Massachusetts, Ireland and elsewhere on the trip, in which families Special Olympics athletes from Australia hosted the visitors.

“All of the athletes had smiles on their faces the whole time,” Jon Price said.

Liam Price, 22, lives in Greenwood and attends the University of Indianapolis. He and has fathers are seasoned travelers with Special Olympics as the pair also attended the Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin, Germany, where Liam swam for the U.S. team.

Dream Ride is a fundraising event for The Hometown Foundation, which supports the families of police officers who died in the line of duty along with individuals with special needs and military families. The experience includes the sights and sounds of host cities along with a 12-mile cruise riding in luxury cars and motorcycles.

A similar event is scheduled in Connecticut in August.