Get ready to be sweaty — Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2022 is here!

Like with our past virtual challenges, Fall Into Fitness is a four-week challenge, running Oct. 30-Nov. 26. The challenge is open to athletes and Unified partners, though participants will compete as individuals. Registration has now closed.

Each day, participants have a chance to earn two points, one for each part of the challenge. Download the individual scoresheet to track your daily progress.

For part one, participants will track their minutes of intentional fitness activity each day. Examples include things like cycling, swimming, running, walking, rolling, working out and more. The challenge is meant to build healthy habits outside of employment, so active time during employment does not count. Participants must complete at least 40 minutes of intentional activity to earn a point for that day. Read the activity listing for more details about part one.

For part two, participants will track their number of health and wellbeing activities each day. Examples include social interaction, personal hygiene, flexibility, eating fruits or vegetables and more. Participants must complete at least three health and wellbeing activities to earn a point for that day. Read the activity listing for more details about part two.

At the end of the Fall Into Fitness Challenge, each participant will add up all their points for fitness activity with their points for health and wellbeing and submit that total score. Results must be submitted by Nov. 29 using the online submission form below. Those who earn at least 40 points will earn a medal. Plus, incentives are available for athletes and Unified partners.

Join in the fun of our Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2022!

Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2022 Results

Submit your results by 5 p.m. Nov. 29 to be eligible to receive awards and incentives from Special Olympics Indiana's Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2022.

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