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The Erskine Personal Impact Curriculum (EPIC) centers many of its lessons on these books built from Carl Erskine’s 2012 title “The Parallel.” A top pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Carl’s stories about his friends Johnny Wilson and Jackie Robinson give a glimpse of racism in America in the 1940s and 50s. These stories reveal the remarkable way one person chose to make a difference through simple acts of kindness.

Follow Carl beyond his years as a Dodgers’ pitcher, when his son Jimmy was born with Down syndrome. During a time when children with disabilities were hidden away, Carl and his wife, Betty, faced a big decision when doctors advised them to institutionalize their son — for “their own benefit.”

The Parallel?
Written by Carl Erskine

Includes stories, discussion questions and activity challenges designed to illustrate the parallels between the struggle for racial equity and quest for inclusion of people with developmental disabilities. 40 pages Suggested for grades 7 12 ISBN: 979 8 9863985 0 1 Library of Congress: HM 831. E 77E65 2022


Wanna Play?
Written by Molly Tischler

Tells how Erskine became lifelong friends with Johnny Wilson, then Jackie Robinson. Also, learn the story of how Carl compares his World Series ring and son Jimmy’s Special Olympics medal. 32 pages Suggested for grades 1 3 ISBN: 979 8 9863985 0 1 Library of Congress: HM831. E77 E65 2022

Playing for Change
Written by Kelly Brown

Reveals how Carl endeared himself to Jackie Robinson simply by being kind to Jackie’s wife and child. Meet Mrs. Lamey’s poodles, who taught the Erskines something new about their son , Jimmy. 32 pages Suggested for grades 4 6 ISBN: 979 8 9863985 1 8 Library of Congress: GV861. L87 B76 2022