COVID-19 Update: County Programs Beginning a Return to Activities

Dear friends,

Since March 11, our athletes have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. But despite the loss of valuable in-person activities, practices, and competitions, you have shown inspiring resolve.

Thousands practiced and competed at home during our virtual Summer Games Sports & Fitness Challenge. And you are continuing to stay active even now that the challenge is over.

Now, with new guidelines in place and approval from Special Olympics International, we are beginning to meet in person again — slowly.

The protocols are the same across the state, including a limit to groups of 50 people or fewer (including athletes, coaches, spectators, and others). Face coverings, temperature checks, a new form, and other precautions are required to help us keep each other safe.

But each County Program will be returning to in-person practices at their discretion.

Remember that these are volunteer-led teams, and the County Coordinator, the County Management Team, and the coaches must feel comfortable with re-opening and must follow a very strict protocol to guarantee a safe environment before the athletes can return to in-person activities.

Some County Programs will not return for the next few months, and I support those decisions. I ask that you support your local leaders’ decisions as well, and please keep in mind that we all have the best interest of the entire Special Olympics community in mind — athletes, coaches, volunteers, and families.

In the meantime, we will continue to offer at-home programming to keep you engaged, active, and healthy while providing options for “high risk” athletes and those in counties that are not yet ready to reopen.

In fact, we will have a new fitness challenge beginning on September 1! Details coming soon.

To our athletes: continue to stay active and engaged. Reach out to your friends and teammates and make sure they are staying strong, too.

And, as always, know that I am thinking about you.

Take care.

Jeff Mohler
President & CEO