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Recycle Your Old Clothes to Benefit Special Olympics Indiana

If your closet and dressers are overflowing, consider recycling your old clothes to benefit Special Olympics Indiana!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ohio Mills! Ohio Mills takes the donated items and sells them in bulk to developing countries around the world for clothing. Items that are no longer can be used as clothing is recycled into rags for industrial use.

You can drop off items in one of the more than 400 collection bins around the state. All Ohio Mills bins are white and have our Special Olympics Indiana logo displayed prominently.

Clothing Recycling FAQs

Q: How does clothing recycling help the Environment?

A: National clothing recycling efforts divert nearly 4 billion pounds each year of used clothing and other textile waste that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. Recycling these textiles has many benefits including carbon footprint reduction, reduced energy consumption and clean air preservation.

Q: Besides Indiana, what other Special Olympics programs partner with Ohio Mills Corporation?

A: Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania

Q: Why does Special Olympics Indiana work with the Ohio Mills Corporation, a for-profit company?

A: Community-based charitable organizations all over the country commonly work with for-profit organizations to discover new ways to preserve, increase and diversify their revenue so they can keep their doors open, even grow, in a challenging economy. Working with Ohio Mills allows Special Olympics Indiana to utilize Ohio Mills operating resources and receive fair and reasonable portion of the net proceeds from Ohio Mills Sale of second hand textiles.

SO Indiana State Office Contact

Kelly Ries
Senior Director of Donor Engagement

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