2020 ALPs University Winter Session Registration Form

Athletes must attend Introduction to Athlete Leadership as their first class.  They may take Understanding Leadership, as long as they have taken the Introduction class.  They may take the Managing Time & Tasks class only if they have taken Introduction and Understanding Leadership.  Athletes may move on to the next class, even if they have not completed their practicums from ALPs University this October.  Practicums for October and December courses are due March 1, 2021.

Athletes MUST have support from a mentor during any class.  Mentors may support up to two athletes, as long as both athletes are taking the same class.  If a mentor is supporting two athletes, the mentor’s information must be completed on both athlete’s registration forms. All participants MUST have access to a stable internet connection. If a mentor and athlete are sitting together they may share a computer.

DEADLINE for registration is Monday, November 2.

  • Athlete Leader Information

  • Cell Phone number is preferred.
  • Mentor Information

  • Cell Phone number preferred.
  • Course Registration

    Athlete Leaders may register for one class only.
  • Provide how the Athlete Leader and Mentor will be interacting during their sessions.
  • County Verification

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