2013 Plane Pull

Event Day

Special Olympics Indiana’s 12th annual Plane Pull Challenge hosted on Saturday, August 17, 2013 was without a doubt successful! Thanks to the 79 teams and more than 2,000 attendees that gathered at the Indianapolis International Airport Postal Hub and raised more than $181,000 for Special Olympics Indiana athletes.  The Plane Pull Challenge is Special Olympics Indiana’s largest single-day fundraising event pitting teams of up to 20 people in a tug-of-war with a 757 FedEx Boeing aircraft.

Team Indiana made their debut to the country that day as they marched out to triumphant music in three separate lines; Team Red, Team White and Team Blue. Cheers, hugs and smiles were evident that day, as it was the first time athletes and coaches met one another. This group of outstanding individuals will represent their state as they travel to Princeton, New Jersey in June of 2014 at USA Games. A very special guest made an appearance that day – Indiana Pacer, Lance Stephenson who represented Team White. His father, Lance Stephenson Senior also supported Special Olympics Indiana by representing Team Blue. Both guests pulled the plane in support of Team Indiana and Special Olympics Indiana. The day’s event showcased a dramatic increase of participants and funds raised than ever before.

Additional highlights of the event included media partner i94 with their newly syndicated radio jock, McKinzie Roth who served as a co-emcee alongside award winning journalist, Fox 59’s Michael Henrich. Mascots, prizes, aircraft displays, music, and food by McAlister’s Deli, Whiskey River, Aramark and Smilin’ Babes.

Event Photos

Event Results

USA Games Division:  Team Blue, 6.114 seconds

Special Olympics Division: Dakota’s Traveling Circus, 6.082 seconds

Women’s Division: Johnson County FOP Auxiliary 154, 6.769 seconds

Corporate Division 1: AAR Aircraft Services Wing Nuts, 5.448 seconds

Corporate Division 2: RW Armstrong Swashbucklers, 5.241 seconds

Corporate Division 3: Aramark / Corizon, 5.552 seconds

Public Safety: Indiana State Police Integrity, 5.632 seconds

High School Division: Brownsburg FIRST Team 3176, 7.763 seconds

Open Division: Monroe County Maniacs, 5.233 seconds

All Star Division: Putnam County Dark Night Rises II, 5.116 seconds

Top Individual Fundraiser: Beth Corbett, RW Armstrong

Top Team Fundraiser: RW Armstrong Princess Pirates

Lightest Weight Champion: Orchard Software, 573 pounds

Fastest Overall Pull: Putnam County Dark Night Rises II, 5.116 seconds

3 on 3 Basketball Respect Division 1: Matthew 5:16

3 on 3 Basketball Respect Division 2:

3 on 3 Basketball Dignity Division 1: Orchard Software Hoops There It Is

3 on 3 Basketball Dignity Division 2: Jay County

For a complete listing of Plane Pull times and results, check out the downloads section of this page.

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