Project UNIFY

Special Olympics Project UNIFY’s goal is to activate youth in an effort to develop school communities where all young people are agents of change, fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities. To realize this goal, Project UNIFY seeks to utilize existing programs and initiatives of Special Olympics in combination with programs in the school community.

What is Project UNIFY?

Visit for more information on the Project UNIFY movement.

Want to know more about Project UNIFY and the ways you can get involved in Indiana? Contact Jeff Mohler or your county coordinator for more information.

IHSAA Champions Together

What is Champions Together?

IHSAA Champions TogetherChampions Together is a collaborative partnership between the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Special Olympics Indiana that promotes servant leadership among student athletes while changing their lives as well as the lives of those with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics International is supporting Champions Together as a model program to activate schools through “Project Unify: which also has the endorsement of the National Federation of High Schools.

Program goals include

1.  Provide opportunities for student led servent leadership as part of the IHSAA experience

2.  Create awareness and opportunities for inclusion as it relates to all individuals with intellectual disabilities

3.  Encourage volunteerism for IHSAA student athletes through service to their schools and communities

4.  Promote fundraising for the purpose of promoting the vision and programs of Special Olympics Indiana and Champions Together

Champions together fundraising through the Polar Plunge

  • Click your HIGH SCHOOL link below.  You will be directed to your Champions Together high school plunge team
  • On the high school team page, click the JOIN TEAM button
  • Under the Join Now window, enter the number you’ll be registering and click register
  • Follow the online instructions to complete your registration
  • After registering, you can create your own personalized fundraising page
  • Send the link out to your friends, family, colleagues – anyone you think will help you reach your fundraising goal!


Bloomfield High School

Bloomington North High School

Boone Grove High School

Boonville High School

Borden High School

Brebeuf High School

Bremen High School

Carmel High School

Castle High School

Clarksville High School

Connersville High School

Culver Academy

Danville High School

Evansville Harrison High School

Ft. Wayne Canterbury High School

Hamilton Heights High School

Lakeland High School

Mooresville High School

North Knox High School

North Vermillion High School

Perry Central High School

Plymouth High School

Rushville High School

Southport High School

South Putnam High School

Tindley High School

Tri-West Hendricks High School

Warren Central High School

West Washington High School

More Information

Want to know more about the IHSAA Champions Together program and the ways your high school can get involved? Contact Lee Lonzo for more information.

Recent News

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My Life Story! – by Katie Stamper

My Life Story!

By Katie Stamper

Standing in the nippy coldness, I overheard my mother talking to Coach Sandy Lamb about “Special Olympics” and “out of the ordinary.”   I thought, “What are they talking about?  How could this be?  How come I have never heard my mother talk about this before?  I don’t even know what “Special Olympics” is!?”  I just kept… Read more

Welcome to Project UNIFY

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