Area & County Programs Overview

Special Olympics Indiana makes a year-round program of sports training and competition available to individuals with intellectual disabilities through a statewide network of volunteer-driven County Programs and Area Management Teams. These Programs complete the all-important tasks of recruiting new athletes, organizing training programs, raising funds to offset costs and managing volunteers (including recruitment, training, supervision and recognition).

County programs involve a committee of volunteers, known as a management team, who are responsible for making a year-round Program of sports training and competition available to all eligible Special Olympics athletes within the county’s boundaries. County Programs usually serve one county, although in rural areas a County Program may span two or three counties, and in urban areas may consist of a portion of a county. The County Coordinator is the person appointed to oversee the operation of a Special Olympics Indiana County Program.

Area management teams offer area-level competition for County Programs located within their regional boundaries. Special Olympics Indiana is divided into 10 geographic regions–known as Areas–within the state. Each Area team offers a Spring Games each May (offering Track & Field and other sports) and a Bowling tournament each November. Also Area teams offer a variety of other competition opportunities throughout the year.

Still have questions?  Please contact the Special Olympics Indiana State Office at 800-742-0612.

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