“The Parallel” – By Carl Erskine

Few people in history have been so closely aligned with the dramatic social changes of the twentieth century.

Carl Erskine, as Jackie Robinson’s teammate and Jimmy Erskine’s dad, was a firsthand witness to ways societal opinions changed for the better through sports.  Jackie Robinson was a pioneer in gently proving that people of color belonged in professional sports.  Much in the same way, Jimmy Erskine has taken part in a movement (Special Olympics) that continues to change the perception of people with intellectual disabilities.


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The Parallel, written by former Dodger great Carl Erskine, provides amazing insight into stories that have had a lasting and positive on the lives of virtually all of us.  Carl has dedicated this book to the benefit of Special Olympics Indiana, and provides a pathway to planned giving support in his honor – the Carl and Betty Erskine Society.

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