2016 Scarf Project

Dear 2015 Scarf Project Contributors,

On behalf of Special Olympics Indiana, we would like to thank you for your involvement in the 2015 Scarf Project!  The Scarf Project is a symbol of unity, community, and support within the Special Olympics movement.  Each year we are truly touched by the amount of unique and beautiful scarves that we receive from you.  It is evident how much time and effort goes into each and every scarf.  The scarves make such special gifts to our athletes and volunteers at the State Winter Games and Polar Plunges.

This year we received over 650 scarves and we hope you will join us once again, as the 2016 Scarf Project has officially begun.

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The 2016 Special Olympics Indiana Scarf Project officially launched on February 1st.

This web page on our website has been created as a resource tool for you.  It has the official colors, dimensions, and other resources.  Please share with family and friends that enjoy this craft.

The official colors this year are cherry red and white.  These colors were selected in collaboration with the launch of a new global “Play Unified” youth campaign that will inspire and mobilize youth around the world to connect with people   with intellectual disabilities and create more inclusive communities, leading to a more respectful world for everyone.

From today, leading up to the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics in July 2018, Special Olympics is challenging the nation and the world to embrace this unique civil rights movement for inclusion, unity and respect that is led by people with intellectual disabilities alongside their peers without intellectual disabilities. For more information visit: http://www.playunified.org/

In 2016, we hope to receive 400 scarves to give to athletes, volunteers and supporters at the State Winter Games and Polar Plunges.

In order for the scarves to get to Winter Games, the deadline is Monday, January 4. Please send them to the State Office.

The official Indiana colors for 2016 are:

Red Heart- 319 Cherry Red

Red Heart- 311 White

We recommend scarves be a 6-inch width and 54-60 inches including fringe in length.

We have no pattern requirements. Each scarf is handcrafted with love, and we welcome each pattern be chosen in the same fashion.

Please mail scarves to:

Special Olympics Indiana

Attn: Scarf Project

6200 Technology Center Drive, Suite 105

Indianapolis, IN 46278

For more information, please contact Rachel Robertson at rrobertson@soindiana.org or 317-328-2000.

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